Jewels and Endomondo, reviews.

I spent a reasonable amount of time on Jewels of Stringology and I feel ready to share with you what do I think about the book, I’m also ready to share with you how do I like endomondo since I’ve bee using it in the past two weeks, but let’s start with Jewels! Jewels. I like… Continue reading Jewels and Endomondo, reviews.

Reykjavík Hálfmaraþon and sport watches!

Hello everybody! We’re in! We’re flying to Iceland next august to run the Reykjavik half marathon, once there we wish to stay long enough to experience the beauty of the island, but the main purpose of the trip is the run! We’re going to make some serious planning from today till august in order to… Continue reading Reykjavík Hálfmaraþon and sport watches!