The real keyboard.

Back in the days, when computer were used by real computer users and nobody knew what a mouse is, the preferred input device was also the only input device: The Keyboard! When the hipster revolution began back in the seventies/eighties, the proliferation  of the mouse users increased dramatically, the keyboard was still the preferred computer input… Continue reading The real keyboard.

The benefits of SSH

Nowadays people have access to the internet almost from everywhere at every time, and Internet is going to be even more accessible in the near future thanks to brilliant ideas like flying drone with WiFi AC functionlities which are going to allow people from more and more remote areas of the planet to access facebook or… Continue reading The benefits of SSH

Vim & Scala

Hi! If you’re wondering how you can enable a pretty nasty Scala highlighting for Vim using a single terminal instruction, then here we go: mkdir -p ~/.vim/{ftdetect,indent,syntax} && for d in ftdetect indent syntax ; do wget –no-check-certificate -O ~/.vim/$d/scala.vim; done You may not necessarily like the highlighting provided by Derek, of course you… Continue reading Vim & Scala